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Where can I get assistance with the teaching preference dynamic form?


The teaching preference dynamic form will be utilized by the Arts & Sciences and Technical Careers Divisions, while Health and Human Services will continue with their current scheduling process.
The Teaching Preference dynamic form replaces the hard copy submission used previously. This process will streamline faculty teaching schedule requests. For the summer 2023 semester, Arts & Sciences faculty received an email Wednesday, Oct. 12, with instructions and a link to the dynamic form. The submissions are due Wednesday, Oct. 26. Academic coordinators will attempt to provide faculty with their requests, but requests are not guaranteed.
The Technical Careers Division is working to develop something similar that will be sent to faculty in late October or early November.

Even if you are not requesting a class. You will be required to complete all fields, provide an electronic signature, and submit the form. After successful submission, you will receive an automatically generated confirmation email.  Please see below for additional in

Faculty who do not submit the Teaching Preference Form by the due date are at risk for not being scheduled or not receiving their preferred course(s), delivery mode(s), day(s), time(s), etc.

Contact your Academic Coordinator with questions about how to complete the form or to make availability changes after you have submitted it. For technical assistance, please contact the LCC Help Desk.

Entering form for semesters you do not wish teach.

The Dynamic Teaching Preference form is experiencing some glitches when you indicate that you do not want to teach a particular semester.

Please use the following work around until this can be fixed.

  • If you have checked the box indicating you do not want classes for summer and indicate you would like classes in the future, then you will still need to give some information below – but the details will not matter.
  • Please enter “0” for the number of hours.
  • Put an “X” for the class name.
  • Choose any mode, it will not matter.

These adjustments should allow you to submit at this time and will be clear that you don’t want a class. Thank you for your patience as we work through the issues.

If you have any questions, please contact your academic coordinator.
Arts & Sciences Division

Technical Careers Division

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