Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for Students


As a current student of Lansing Community College how do I request and install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus?


Microsoft provides us with Office 365 ProPlus for Lansing Community College students to use on their personally owned computers. Microsoft 365 ProPlus is the office suite that includes a select number of products chosen by Microsoft.


  • LCC does not provide support for the installation of software on your own device or the support of issues that may arise from any such installation OR support on the use of the software itself.
  • This software installation does not work on Tablets.  It requires a Microsoft Windows or Apple MAC operating system as can be found on a Desktop or Laptop computer.
  • If you have a pre-installed version of Microsoft Office which you have not activated, you should uninstall that first. For instance, many computers come with a copy pre-installed that would require you to purchase an activation key if you want to use it.
  • You may want to consider uninstalling any previous versions of Microsoft Office from your computer, even if it was already activated.
  • Be sure to keep your original installation media and license key so that you can go back to it in the future if you wish.
  • Make sure your computer operating system is fully patched.

To Obtain the Software

1. Go to Get Office365 .

2. Enter your student email address

3. Select Get started. An email with a verification code was sent to your student email account.

4. Select I'm a Student.

5. Create your account, enter the verification code from your email, and then select Start. Microsoft will then guide you the rest of the way.

When the setup completes, you will have a fully functional copy of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus in the cloud, which will be active as long as you are an active student at Lansing Community College.

Return Visits

To access the software by returning to the Microsoft Office portal, log in with your LCC student email address, and the password that you set when finalizing your account with Microsoft. This password is not part of the single sign-on with LCC.

Forgot Your Password

Please contact the LCC Help Desk at or 517-483-5221.

The Help Desk will send you an email with your Microsoft username, and temporary password. Click the Sign in to Office 365 button to login with the previously mentioned information. Follow the directions on the screen to create your own password.

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