Adding Authorized User to TouchNet Student Account Center


How do I add an authorized user to my account so they can pay my tuition bill with their charge card?


To add an authorized user:
1. Log in to myLCC.
2. Select Banner.
3. Select Student.
4. Select Student Finance.
5. Select Pay on Account.
6. Select I Agree.
7. Select Authorized Users.
8. Select Add Authorized User
9. Fill in the email address of the authorized user. 
10. Ensure the questions listed are answered with 'yes', and click Continue.
11. Click I Agree, and click Continue.
You will see this message display:
"Thank you. We have sent an e-mail to <your email address> with instructions on how to log in and view your payment plan information. This person will log in using the e-mail address you provided. (Note: If the e-mail delivery fails for some reason, a notification MAY be sent to your e-mail address on record.)"
Confirmation screen thanking the user.
The authorized user will receive two emails. The first one will include a secure touchnet link you can bookmark to access the Touchnet log in box, and a username which is their email address. The second email will include the password.
11. Now your authorized user can log into Touchnet, and pay your balance. 
Authorized Users touchnet log in box
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