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How do I use the Schedule Planner?


To use the schedule planner do the following: 

1. Log in to myLCC.

2. Select Banner.

3. Select Student.

4. Click on Registration.

5. Once you have reviewed registration information and registration tasks click to expand Required Registration Steps.

6. After you have completed steps 1 and 2 click Register. 
Select Register 

 7. Click Register Using Schedule Planner. You may be asked to select a term at this point.  If you wish to register without using the schedule planner please see How to Register for Classes.

8. Select the semester that you wish to plan for.

9. Select the campus(es) that you are willing to go to.

10. Select the Course Status.

11. Click on Add Courses to add the courses that you want to schedule.

  • Use the DegreeWorks, and By Subject tabs to choose courses.
  • Select Add Course, and then search for another class.
  • When you done adding courses select Done.

12. Click on Add Breaks to block off time where you do not want to take classes (for example, work, lunch, sports practice).

13. Click on Generate Schedules to give you your schedule options.

14. Click View to see individual schedule details OR

  • Check mark at least 2 schedules.
  • Click Compare to see the schedules side by side.

15. Click Send to Shopping Cart to begin Registration.

16. Click Shopping Cart.

17. Click Register. If there are no errors found such as holds, prerequisites etc you will be registered for the course(s).

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