Updating my Address


How do I change my address?


To change your address with the College log into Banner:

1. Log into Banner through myLCC.

2. Click Personal Information

3. Click Verify and Update Addresses and Phones.

4. Check for your current address. You must end your current address before you enter your new address.

  1. Click on Current.
  2. In the Until This Date: box enter the last day to receive mail at this address.
  3. Click Submit.

If you do not have a current address showing below, proceed to number 5. Don't change the other boxes. Mandatory boxes are highlighted.

Address box showing an example of already having an address available

5. Enter your new address by scrolling down to "Type of Address to Insert". Click on the drop-down arrow for a list of address types.

6. Click Residence to enter a street address, and click Submit 
Note: Students must provide a street address for residency status determination. Your mail will be sent to your PO Box, if you have one on file at LCC.

To Enter your new address: (Mandatory fields are highlighted.)

Address box. Enter Valid from this date, Address Line 1, City, State, and ZIP

  • Enter the first day you want to receive mail at your new address in the "Valid From This Date" field. This date cannot be earlier than the date you used to end your previous address.
  • Do not enter a Post Office Box address in a residence address
  • Choose "Post Office Box" to enter a post office box address
    • Do not enter a street address in the post office box address
  • Do not enter a date in the "Until This Date" field.
  • Do not enter your name in the address lines.
  • Enter your house number and street name in Address Line 1.
    • Be sure to enter your apartment number or lot number, if you have one.
  • Use Address Line 2 only if there is not enough space in Address Line 1.
  • Use Address Line 3 only if there is not enough space in Address Line 1 and 2.
  • Enter your city in the City field.
  • Select your state using the drop-down arrow in the State or Province field.
  • Enter your Zip or Postal Code; not your telephone area code.
  • Leave the County field blank.
  • Leave the Nation field blank unless your address is outside the United States.
  • Enter your telephone area code only if you are submitting a new telephone number.
  • Enter your Phone number only if you are submitting a new telephone number. Do not enter dashes or spaces (4831200).
  • Do not make any other changes.
  • Scroll down and click the "Submit" button.
  • Review your new address after you have used the "Submit" button. If your address, including start date, does not appear as you intended, please contact Enrollment Services at (517)483-1200.


Important notes

If you had an Address Hold on your record it will automatically be removed within 15-60 minutes of updating your address.

Changing your address record to an in-district address does not make you automatically eligible for a lower tuition rate. You must submit a change of residency form with documentation to the Admissions Office for a residency status review. There is a final date for residency change each semester listed in the course schedule information section.

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Address holds will automatically be removed 15-60 minutes after the address is updated.