Identity Theft & Fraud Claim


How do I let LCC know my identity has been illegally used to apply?


Individuals who believe their identity has illegally been used to apply at LCC and receive financial aid should complete the Identity Theft & Fraud Claim Form. To begin this form you will need to create a Dynamic Forms account; this does not require an LCC student account.
Within the form you must submit one of the following: police report (may complete with LCC DPS), loan servicer claim, a claim confirmation with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), or Department of Education (DOE). Please allow for 30-60 days for internal processing and final determination of claim with LCC.
1. Select Identity Theft & Fraud Claim
2. Select Create New Account.
Create New Account
3. Please fill out all the boxes to create a new account.
Screenshot showing all boxes which are mandatory on the page to create a new account
4. Select Create Account to complete the form.
More forms may be found on the Registar's Form website.
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