Complete an Early Alert Referral


How do I complete an Early Alert Referral?


The Early Alert process is a college-wide collaborative effort designed to support student success by identifying and warning students who may be in danger of failing one or more courses.

Accessing the Early Alert Referral Form for a Specific Course

The Early Alert Referral Form can be found in Banner Self Service under the Faculty Services tab.
1. Log into myLCC.
2. Select Banner.
3. Select Faculty Services tab.
4. Select Early Alert Referral.
Select "Faculty Services" tab in banner, and then select "Early Alert Referral" option.
The term will default to the current term code or one used earlier in SSB. This can be set here by the faculty member if there are no CRNs in the term shown.

5. Select Choose Term.
Select "Choose Term"

The CRN dropdown will show all classes for which the faculty member has been assigned as the primary instructor and which are active and contain registered students.

6. Select the proper class. A selection of students will appear.

Select the correct class via the CRN drop down box.

Student Selection Screen

Directions on the student selection have been updated as follows:

  1. Last Submission
    - Will say if the class has not been submitted yet.
  2. Changed Behavior
    - If you have no one to refer, you can check that box at page bottom.
  3. Student drop down
    - Students already submitted this week will not be in the selection list.
  4. New Check box
    - Check when no one needs referral
  5. Submit
    - Disabled unless the new check box is used.

Shows steps 1 through 5. 1) Last Submission 2) Changed Behavior 3) Student Dropdown 4) New Checkbox 5) Submit

The student referral page form now applies to one student, where the previous version had a table of students with a single checkbox per student.

This is the form's top half which lets you know when the class was last submitted.

Top half of form which shows the options to select the Term, CRN, and Student.

Note that the week referenced is the week of the year, not of the term.

Referral Form Entry

The bottom of the same page contains the referral form entry.

Note that the Submit button is disabled until there is information in at least one of the first three input areas.

1. Academic
Check any of these which apply; if none do, but the referral is academic, leave them unchecked and provide an explanatory remark.


2. Non-Academic
Same as the Academic above.

3. Explanatory Remark
Provide a brief explanation of the referral reason.

4. Check boxes

  • Request a classroom visit.
    Would you like an ASC to visit your class?

  • Communicated concerns.
    Have you discussed this matter with the student?

  • Notified of this referral.
    Have you notified the student you are making this referral?

Enter Referral Information. Box 1 is Academic. Box 2 is Non-Academic. Box 3 is Explanatory Remark. Box 4 are boxes for check marks.

For more information please visit the Academic Success Coaching web site.

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