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As long as you are an active student you may request and install Microsoft Office 365 A1 which includes a limited amount of software titles. Once you become an inactive student the software will no longer work. LCC does not provide support for the installation or any issues that may arrive from such installation nor does it support the use of the software itself.
How to setup an initial password for your username.
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Use your LCC username/password to gain access.
Explains how to let LCC know your identity has been illegally used to apply at LCC, and receive financial aid.
How to request official transcripts.
To start the transfer process, you will need to send your official transcripts from the school you are coming from straight to Lansing Community College.
Directions for registering for classes.
Directions for dropping classes.
Steps to locate textbooks specific to your class schedule. To use your book voucher you must access the BNC (Barnes & Noble College) website via Banner.
How to access online orientation.
Where to find deadlines for dropping or withdrawing from a class as well as changing the grade status.
Directions for changing your program of study.
How to view class schedules.
How to locate your Banner Student ID number.
How to log into student email.
Troubleshooting, and causes for the inability to log into the Student wireless.
Students who have been admitted as out-of-state or out-of-district may submit this form with supporting documents to get a lower tuition rate.
Explanation for why the Financial Aid tab in Banner is missing.
How to get on the waitlist for a class.
Take valid picture ID to StarZone. First card is free, replacements are $15.00.
How students can join a WebEx meeting in D2L courses.
How to view your financial aid information in Banner.
Four step walkthrough of the financial aid process.
How to reserve and join WebEx appointments in D2L courses.
View your class schedule to see your placement on the Wait List.