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Practice hosting meetings with WebEx in D2L.
Change name with Pearson's.
Explains how students can view a user's profile in D2L.
Explains how to change an iPhone/iPad to save images in JPEG instead of HEIC format.
Instructions for setting up/updating notification options through D2L.
Instructions for students to submit a Google Drive document to the D2L Assignment area.
Instructions to link up Google and D2L.
Instructions for how students can view their course progress within D2L courses.
What browser should I use when accessing D2L?
Directions to add/modify user profile information in D2L.
Instructions on adding an image to your D2L profile.
Learn more about controlling audio within WebEx Trainings.
How to change your WebEx meeting into a training.
Breakout Sessions in WebEx.
Available options in WebEx meetings in D2L.