Event WiFi Request


  • Use this Service to request WiFi access for on campus events, when participants do not have LCC credentials.
  • Please note: This Service is not intended to be used for events where the purpose is to enroll new students. The LCCVisitor network allows for the creation of an LCC account without having to sign into the network.

Who can use this service

  • Employees and Faculty

How to request this service

  • Please include the name of the event, the building(s), floor(s), and room(s) the WiFi is needed in, the start/end dates and times, and the main contact's name and phone number. If there is any other information you think may be useful in completing your request you may also include that.
Request Service


Service ID: 119
Thu 7/11/19 3:48 PM
Thu 7/11/19 3:51 PM