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  • This service is to request updates, upgrades and patches for LCC approved applications which are not contained under our Banner ERP.

Who can use this service

  • Only end users who have been approved as an authorized requestor for their department may use this form to request this service.

How to request this service

  • Please fill out the Change Request form with all of the required information.  Please be sure to include any Technical Documentation, either by providing the link to the documentation or by attaching the Technical Documentation provided by the vendor, to this request. 
    • LCC’s Application Administration team will receive and review the request to verify that all of the information required to perform the request has been provided and that the work can be completed successfully.
    • If more information is required, the request will be returned to the requestor outlining the information required to successfully perform the requested work.
    • Once approved, the request will become a release and the work to implement will begin.
    • The environment in which the work begins will depend on the application for which the request has been submitted.
    • The request will automatically be assigned back to the requestor to perform testing to verify the request has been successfully implemented in the appropriate environment.


Request Service


Service ID: 161
Wed 5/18/22 3:23 PM
Wed 5/18/22 3:23 PM