Refund Preferences via eRefund Plus


How do I set up an eRefund account?


The first and most important step is to ensure that your student profile in Banner has a phone number and mailing address. This information is necessary for identity verification and preference selection.
Next steps:
  1. Have your nine digit bank routing number and bank account number available.
  2. Log in to Banner.
  3. Select the Student tab.
  4. Select “TouchNet Student Account Center.”
  5. Select the eRefunds tab.
  6. Enter and confirm the bank account information to set up which account you would like the refund deposited to. If you do not have a preferred bank account, you may apply for a Discover Cashback Checking account on this screen. 
 ***You may change your bank account information at any time via the TouchNet Student Account Center in Banner***
I set up my eRefund account. What’s next?
An email will be sent to your LCC email address once a refund is processed.
It is important that you set up your eRefunds PLUS preference so that the College may ensure timely delivery of credit balances on your account. Questions? Please contact the Student Finance Office at 483-1272 option 3 or visit Student eRefunds Plus website.
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