Financial Responsibility Agreement


What is the Financial Responsibility Agreement?


The Student Finance Office has developed a Financial Responsibility Agreement for students.  The Financial Responsibility Agreement must be acknowledged prior to any registration activity (add/drop). 

Students can access the agreement one of two options in Banner:

Option 1

  • Select Student> Registration> Registration Tasks> Add/Drop Classes > select a term

Option 2

  • Select the Student menu, and then clicking the box labeled “Financial Responsibility Agreement." 

The agreement will appear if you have not agreed to it.

Select Student, and then "Financial Responsibility Agreement" button to agree, and remove this hold

Students can electronically agree to this by typing their initials in the box, and then clicking Accept.


Students will need to re-affirm or agree every 3 months from the last time they signed the form. Doing so will automatically release the hold on your account.  Lack of compliance will result in your inability to register for classes, including the ability to drop or add courses.  You may use the following link to read the full agreement: Lansing Community College Financial Responsibility Agreement.

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