Activating Your Account

Access the Account Activation Website.

Assert Your Identity

Once at the LCC Account Activation and Management website please do the following:

1. In the Unique ID box enter your Student Number (X00 etc).

  • The Unique ID is either your Student Number (Banner ID) which starts with 'X' followed by 8 numbers or your LCC username. If you do not have your Banner ID from your Admission email, please request the username using our Username Lookup Form. Otherwise, the username will be given to you on the "Set Your Account Password" page pictured below.

2. Enter your Personal Data.

  • The Personal Data is either the last 4 of the SSN, or the Date of Birth. 

Assert your identity to activate your account by entering your Banner Student Number received in your acceptance email

Read the AUP

To Open the AUP within the page

Before gaining access to our systems, people must accept the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).  This page has a link to the AUP in parentheses above the button.  Clicking the button should bring up the PDF document of the AUP within the page.

  • Select Read the AUP.

Read the AUP
If your browser has a plugin to allow viewing PDF files, you will see the document in a frame as shown below.  You can use the scrollbar to read the sections described (Purpose, through Responsibility).  After reading the policy, click (or tap) the check box.

AUP policy image. Check mark I agree to accept this policy.

To Open the AUP Using the Link

If the browser plugin doesn't allow viewing, or there is no plugin, you must click on the AUP link inside the parentheses: "(AUP)".  We recommend right-clicking to open it in a separate window. 

  • Right click AUP to open in a seperate window.

Read the AUP using the AUP hyperlink example

Agree to the AUP

1. Click or tap the "I agree" check box after reading the document.

2. Select Continue. The Continue button appears only after the check box has been selected.

I agree to accept this policy

Setup Email

After agreeing to the AUP, you have a choice of recover method.  This is how you will be able to reset your password in the future. 

1. Select Email. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.  The email will be sent to the address you provide here.  This is the recommended method.
Recovery method options

2. Enter your email address.
You cannot use a LCC address to recover your password.
Type in a valid email address twice

The email address must be valid, and the email addresses must match. When you start typing your email address, two messages appear.  The first lets you know that the email address must be valid.  It must contain an account part followed by @ (at-sign, address symbol), followed by a domain part.  The domain part must contain at least one dot or period.

Note: nothing makes sure that the email account is real and working, at this point.

3. Select Submit. The submit button becomes active, and the red message disappears once the email address in both boxes match.
Email addresses must match in both boxes

4. Email confirmation is displayed on the screen.

Email confirmation screen
After submitting the email address a link is sent to the address.  The confirmation page only shows the domain part, for your security. 

Note: the link will expire.

5. Access your email to find the email with the link.
Example of an email with the user account password link

This is an example of how the email will look in your inbox.  The email is from LCC's "no-reply" account.  Replies are deleted automatically and are never seen. The subject starts with "LCC User Account - Password Recovery Email."

6. Select Set LCC Username password.
Example of the password recovery email, select set LCC username password

This is an example of an email with a link.  Notice that the expiration time provided is the time on the server, US Eastern time.  Also, if you just change your email address later, you do not need to click the link to change your password.

Set a new Password

1. Set a new password, and click Submitenter current password and create a new password

  • Please note your username for future reference.

When you follow the link, you are taken back to the Account Activation and Management software.  Note that your username is displayed here.  It will also be displayed at the bottom of the page when you are logged in, or during activation, once your identity has been matched.

There is a password strength meter which is initially red, which means the password is as bad as it can be.  The "0%" means that it has no entropy, which is a measure of how hard the password would be to guess.

Below that are two fields for entering the new password, and for re-entering it exactly.  This is to ensure that there are no typing mistakes in your password, since the password will not be displayed in clear text.

The next area shows the requirements for LCC's passwords.  As you enter your password, these will be checked off and turned green in color.

Finally, there is a link to password guidelines.  Please note that passwords using the characters shown will work in all our systems, but the phrases suggested in the guidelines may not work in some systems.

Password Rules

  • Between 8 and 20 Characters long
    • At Least 3 of the following:
      • one Upper case
      • one Lower case
      • one Number
      • one of these Special Characters !@#$%^&*()=

Password Strength Meter

  • Example of a very weak meter, and poor password.

    This is an example of a password which is very weak, and does not meet the requirements because it is not long enough, and needs to have either a number or special character.  The submit button will be inactive (grayed out) until the requirements are met.

  • Example of a Good Password

Good password strength and all rules followed makes the submit button turn black, and is clickable now.

This password has a good strength.  All requirements are met, so the Submit button is active.


  • Password Change Confirmation

password change confirmation

Your password has been saved.  You can log out now, if you came to activate your account.  You can return to myLCC and use your LCC username shown on this page, along with the password you just set.  This username and password will also work on your LCC email, and any other LCC Single Sign-on (SSO) services.


Use Challenge Questions Instead of Email for Recovery

1. Select and answer 3 questions to activate the Submit button.

Using challenge questions for recovery setup

If you choose to use Challenge questions instead of Email for account recovery, you will be presented with a list of questions to select.  There are many; note the scroll bar.

  • Example of Selected Challenge Questions

Select questions

Here is an example of selected questions and their answers.  You do not need to enter your answers with upper case, or punctuation including spaces.  When you use the answers for account recovery, your answer will be compared to the stored answer in lowercase, with no punctuation or spaces.

Notice that on the last question, the answer provided is likely to be wrong.  We recommend that if you can remember it, save a wrong answer.  Nobody will guess your wrong answer, even if they know you, and you can remember the false answer you provided.

  • Challenge Response Submit Button
    Challenge response submit button

    Once three questions have been selected and answered, the Submit button becomes active.
  • Challenge Response Confirmation
    Challenge response confirmation

    Once you submit the Challenge questions and their answers, you will receive confirmation.

    Note that in this confirmation, or the Email confirmation, the message is in the same location, and it is blue.  Error messages, if they occur, are in the same page location, and red.  They also state that there is an error, and provide some further information of what might be wrong.

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