Accessing the Course Catalog


Where is the Course Catalog located?


There are a couple different ways to access the LCC Course Catalog.
Option 1 - Current/Past Students
For students with a username, and password:

1. Log into myLCC.

2. Click Banner.

3. Click Student.

4. Click Registration

5. Click Course Descriptions and Required Prerequisites (Course Catalog).

Catalog image of Course Descriptions and Required Prerequisites (Course Catalog)

6. Select the term, and Submit.

7. Select the Subject, and click Get Courses.


Option 2 - Non-Students

For anyone interested in attending LCC (no login required):

1. Start at the LCC website.

2. Click Academics.

3. Click Course Offerings.

4. Select the Term, and Continue.

5. Select a Subject (by first clicking in the box), and click Search.

6. Click the course title.

7. Click Course Description.Image show the course description box

For registration help videos please visit the Registration website.

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