How to Register for Classes


How do I register for classes, and check for prerequisites/placement scores while doing so?


Registering for Classes

To register for classes do the following:
1. Log in to myLCC.

2. Click Banner at the top of the page.

A note on navigation: do not use your browser’s “back” button from this point forward; instead use links on the page such as “Return to previous menu” or others to navigate through the system.

3. Click Student.

4. Click Registration.

5. Once you have reviewed registration information and registration tasks click to expand Required Registration Steps.

6. Once you have completed steps 1 and 2 click Register (Add/Drop Courses)
Select Register 

7. Click Register Using Banner. You may be asked to select a term at this point.  If you wish to register using the Schedule Planner please see Schedule Planner

8. Click Register for Classes.

9. Select the term and Continue.

  • You will be able to pick a subject by clicking in the box or use the Subject and Course Number box for a specific course.
  • Advanced Search will give more details allowing you to pick meeting days, and campus location etc.

Check for Prerequisites and Placement Scores When Registering

  1. Select the course title, and then click Course Description. Image of placement scsores and prerequisites

Looking to get started at LCC? Visit the Get Started at LCC website.

For registration help videos please visit the Registration website.

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