Admissions, Records & Registrar

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Registrar Forms

Registrar's Office has many dynamic forms, and PDF forms for students to request several different changes.


Contains helpful information about waitlisting.

Student Affairs Forms

Student Affairs has a large amount of forms for student disputes.

Articles (34)

Accessing the Course Catalog

Different ways to view the Course Catalog.

Address Hold Removal

Address holds will automatically be removed 15-60 minutes after the address is updated.

Address Problems in Banner

When Banner doesn't accept your address please use LCC's address, and then email the correct address to the Registrars Office.

Adjusting Class Schedule

Where to find deadlines for dropping or withdrawing from a class as well as changing the grade status.

Admission Application - Faxing the Paper Form

Alternate way to fax the LCC paper Admissions Application Form is by using

Advanced Searching in Banner for Late Start Courses

Describes the process for searching on late start classes by their section of the semester.

Application Login

If you forgot your temporary application login please create a new one.

Banner Proxy Setup

Allows you to define yourself as a proxy for another person in Banner Self Service.

Banner Screen Flashes Instead of Logging in

Your Banner account is disabled. Please contact the Help Desk.

Checking Placement Scores

Two ways to check placement scores.

Concourse Access - Student

Students can see the syllabus on the first day of class. Changes to schedules after the first day will result in a 24 hour delay.

Connecting to Advising

You can connect with Advising via email, phone, and WebEx.

How to Dispute a Grade

Procedure for students to follow to dispute a grade.

How to Drop Classes

Directions for dropping classes.

How to Register for Classes

Directions for registering for classes.

HTTP 400 Error in Banner

Use Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox to access Banner Self Service.

Locating My Banner ID (Student Number)

How to locate your Banner Student ID number.

Locating the Course Schedule Book

Explains how to locate the course listing.

Logging into Banner

Explains how to log in to Banner Web.

Maximum Hours Exceeded

Please see advising if receiving "Maximum Hours Exceeded" error when registering.

Placement Tests Available Virtually or In Person

Placement tests can be scheduled and taken virtually via Zoom or in person beginning July 7, 2021.

ReCaptcha did not Verify or too low error

ReCaptcha does not work when "compatibility mode" is turned on in Internet Explorer. Please turn off the mode or use Firefox or Chrome. If you are using LCC's mobile app try switching to a browser.

Receiving Error "Undefined, Contact the Help Desk" when trying to register for a class.

Refresh page, log off and back on, or clear history to resolve this error.

Registration for Community and Continuing Education

Lifelong learning registration options.

Selecting a Different Term in Banner

How to change your selected term to a different one.

Semester Credit Limit

The credit limit a student can take per semester is 28.

Unable to Register for Current Semester After Submitting Application for Future Semester

If you wish to attend prior to the future semester date on your application please submit a new application with the appropriate starting semester listed.

Unable to Select Application Type

Students unable to select application type when submitting an online application for admissions.

Unable to Select Class During Registration

Registration codes and what they mean.

Update Phone Number

Explains how to input a new phone number into Banner.

Viewing Grades

How to view Grades in Banner.

Viewing Holds

How to view holds in Banner.

Viewing my Class Schedule in Banner

How to view class schedules.

Viewing My Program or Major

How to view your program or major in Banner.